Our JB Floyd Wednesday noon Ballroom group continued with our studies in Rumba and Jitterbug. 

We have been meeting at this North Myrtle Beach Recreation Center for years, always starting at twelve o’clock, in the multi-purpose room – $10 per person and $15 per couple. 

Once we begin a subject we will stick with it for a few weeks just to make sure that we are getting the figures, dance to the music and understand the lead and follow.  This new patter, the Open Cuban Walk in Rumba, has an opening (the Cross Body Lead) to the middle (the Open Cuban Walk) to the finish (Ladies Underarm Turn).  It is important to breakdown the figure and to explore each sequence.  Today we were able to get through the entire pattern and we will return to this step in the next session to review it and make additions.

  I have scheduled an event for my students and club members where they will need to know how to do the Jitterbug and today we went into the underarm turns, the 4 kicks, and the Lindy.  Soon, we will be adding to that dance also.  This Wednesday group is a lot of fun, we get along well and help each improve our dancing style by working on our lead and follow and footwork. Nice job students.

YES! I would like to learn how to ballroom dance.

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