NEW! Swing Dance For Singles Monday 8:00 at the 1st Presbyterian Church Myrtle Beach

Tonight we started our new $10 Swing Dancing For Singles Classes. Locations – the 1st Presbyterian Church 3810 Grissom Pkwy in Myrtle Beach – The group always begins at 8:00 and we always warm up with the East Coast (triple time) Swing. 

Changing partners is the best way to meet the other singles in the class and it helps you practice your basics.  The new pattern that we learned this evening was the Sugar Push and the Reverse Sugar Push. 

After that we went into our Swingles Sets where we change partners while doing the 4 count Disco Hustle. I first introduce the ‘Pass’, then we went onto the Ladies Double and the Combinations.  We danced to a Michael Stallings song entitled ‘Who’s Dat?’. 

Next we learned the Jitterbug and reviewed all of the most popular patterns in that version of swing.  We wrapped up the Swing Dance for Singles class with the Country 2-Step with a Ladies Underarm Turn. 

We have plans to go out dancing in the next few weeks, so you are encouraged to attend the class to get the information about our Singles Dance Outing.

Swing for Singles? Sounds like Fun!  Get all the info below, click on the pic