Read about what we learned at the Monday Ballroom Group Class at JB Floyd in North Myrtle Beach.

We always have a dance class 11 am every Monday and today we studied advanced Cha-cha, Tango Basics and Beginner Rumba. 

We kicked it off with the Cha-cha ‘Cross Triples’, looking at both the lead and the follow (as most of my blog readers know in my group classes everyone is encouraged to learn both sides – the lead and the follow).  We took that advanced step and modified it in to a Cha-cha ‘Chase’ movement, not as advanced as the Cross Triples, but still challenging. 

Half way through any group class I will change the subject and the instruction will get progressively easier – switching gears, we went into basic Tango, again, learning the lead and the follow, and wrapping it up with the Rumba Underarm Turn. 

We had a quick discussion about ballroom dance competitions and how they worked.  The students did a commendable job – thanks ladies and gentlemen. 

WOW! Advanced Cha-cha? 

That sounds like something that I would be interested in – but HOW?? 

Its easy, take the first step and click on the pic below to get started.