Monday Swingles Session includes changing partners

We had a great time during our Swing Dance for Singles Monday Group Class and as always we warmed up with an East Coast Swing, frequently changing partners.

A quick and easy way to learn how to Disco Hustle is by knowing how to SWINGLE, changing partners while you Swing dance. This crash course method requires a ‘Caller’ and teams of dancers.  Once a call is made, such as a ‘Double’, all of the dancers in the circle execute the move with precision and finish by going to the next partner in line.  Tonight’s class was a session in SWINGLE dancing, going over the techniques and basic figures. After we got the idea then we danced a lot to the Supreme’s ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ and country hit ‘Achey Breaky Heart’.

We wrapped up the swing dance for singles session with the ‘Hook’ – a fancy wrap in.

WOW! That sounds like fun – how do I get involved?

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