Monday Swing Group Advances to Lindy Wrap-In and Gets Down With The Tulsa Turn Around Country 2 Step Style

Swing Dance for Singles happens every Monday at 8 and tonight we took the Lindy Basic one step beyond to the the Lindy Wrap In.  It wasn’t long before the pattern began to gel and all my students were getting it right.  At the half way point we switched gears and learned more about the Country 2 Step, this time connecting the Basic Ladies Underarm Turn to the Sweetheart Position.  Now that we can get into and out of the Sweetheart I will begin to add advanced variations – during this session we learned the ‘Tulsa Turnaround – kind of a 2 Step Sugar Push.  We are making plans for another Night Club Outing in the near future.

Learn how to dance the Swing – click on the pic below for all the details