Monday Singles Swing Class Shags and goes out Disco Dancing

At 8 o’clock on the nose we start our singles swing group class and tonight we learned a new Shag step and then we went out Disco dancing at one of our favorite local night clubs. 

I reviewed the Shag basic first, next proceeding to the Man’s Underarm Turn and advanced that to the Mans Wrap and Ladies Underarm Turn – a real cool looking Shag move. 

We schedule dance outings at least once a month and this Monday we went out dancing for a second time.  The DJ played a rockin’ selection of Disco and Metal (yes, heavy metal).  As usual we teamed up for our Swingles Swing Sets, performing the Double Turn, He Goes She Goes and the 4 kicks. 

Sandee challenged us all with a Free Style Jam Circle, no kidding, that girls knows all the coolest solo dance moves!  I look forward to more Sandee Dance Jams in future outings. 

WOW! That sounds like fun! How do I join?

Just click on the pic below to find out more.