Monday night Swingles does class and then goes out dancing.

  We all got together for our usual swing class at the 1st Presbyterian Church where we reviewed our new pattern called the Outside Continuous Tuck and followed that up with a Swing Set review of the Double Turn, the Man’ Waist Wrap and the 4 Kicks practicing that to a Foster the People song ‘Call it what you want’ and Kool and the Gang ‘Celebrate’.

We wrapped up the class and headed to a local favorite night club where we disco danced to the greatest hits of the 80’s.  For this evening we did the Cha Cha, the West Coast Swing, the Hustle and the East Coast Swing.

  Swingles has at least one night out per month dancing to the DJ’s, the Jukebox or a local Myrtle Beach band.

  Wow! that sounds like fun – how can I find out more about Swingles? 

Just click on the pic below and you will be instantly transferred to the website.