Monday mornings are better when you start out with a J.B. Floyd Ballroom Dance Class and this week we studied the Paso Doble and the Jitterbug

We begin the group at 11 am and this week we studied the Paso Doble and the Jitterbug.  I always begin the class with the difficult material and after our regular warm up we got right into the Paso Doble basics – the Open Right and the Open Left.  We soloed the pattern quite a few times and then tried the dance patterns to some famous matador music.

I check the clock and at the half hour I will change the subject to something entirely different and since we have a event scheduled I decided that we needed to work on our Jitterbug as prep for the party.  Our lesson consisted mainly of a basics review with the music ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ by the Beach Boys.

I would really like to learn how to Ballroom Dance –

Try It – Just click on the pic below and get the details.