Monday Swing Group Classes Prepare For Destination Unknown Dance Party On The Town – 7 Jan 19

Swing Dance for Singles prepares for a night out on the town with their Swing Dancing friends.  We have scheduled a ‘Destination Unknown’ for the Carolina Dance Partners Singles and Couples and we needed to go over what really happens for a nightclub events – such as the rules.


Yep, we are out as a group and outsiders are not to be invited in.  Ladies, leave your purses in the car and bring just what you need – an I.D. and a little money.  We let the club security do their jobs. Also It makes us look good with we tip the DJ and the wait staff – we want them to welcome us back, right? We are expecting about 2 hours of nightclub dancing and that includes the Hustle, The Triple Time Swing, some Country 2 Step, and the Businessman’s 1 Step.  Swing Dance for Singles reviewed all of the above and we are ready to have a great time at a local Myrtle Beach night spot for an evening of dance fun.

I want to go dancing! Click on the pic below for all the important details