Monday Evening Ballroom Group Class learns how to Viennese Waltz to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’

I have started a new series of group classes that will feature a lot of songs from the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. 

Did you know that ‘Natural Woman’ was a Viennese Waltz?  Our Monday Ballroom Group Class learned how to do the V. Waltz basic to the Balance Hesitation PLUS we tried the Advanced Left Turn to the Promenade Hesitation. Sure – its a little tricky at first but the class was getting the idea and progressing nicely. 

At the half hour we began a new subject – the East Coast Swing – this time to ‘Respect’, another Aretha arrangement.  We got the basic going with the Ladies Underarm Turn, focusing on the arm styling.  I demonstrated a few new flashy fancy swing moves that we will attempt in the next couple of Aretha Franklin weeks.

We will continue with this study for the month of September, learning how to Swing, Rumba, Cha-Cha and Viennese Waltz to the music of Aretha Franklin. Make sure to attend the Monday Evening Ballroom Group Class to get all of the dance goodness.

YES! I wanna dance to the music of Aretha Franklin – find out more by clicking on the pic below and be instantly connected.