Monday Evening Group Learns A Beautiful Christmas Waltz Pattern

Monday Group Class, held at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach, featured a fancy Christmas Waltz patter, the Alternating Turns and Variations on the Rumba Side Break.

We are wrapping up the Christmas Waltz with these final figures and I chose the Alternating Turns because it is simple and pretty.  First we went over the essentials of the step, a curving run to the right followed by a rock turn to the left before creating the lead and follow.  After a few tries we danced it to a nice Christmas Waltz tune – Silver Bells.

Half way through a class I will change the subject and this time we studied the Rumba Side Break first, before looking at the Turning Side Break, the Arthur Murray Waterfalls and the Progressive Side Breaks.  This was a very nice class with lots of beautiful ballroom dance movements.

Remember the Christmas Waltz Finale is scheduled for Friday December 21st – 7 o’clock – and, please bring a wrapped gift to give away and a snack for the community table.

YES! I would like to learn how to Ballroom Dance – just click on the pic below to get started