Monday Evening Group Class Features Salsa, Conga & Other Party Dancing

Learning how to Ballroom Dance is a great way to improve your social life – We get together every Monday evening at the 1st Presbyterian Church, 3810 Robert Grissom Pkwy at  7:00 for training.  Tonight was some great looking Salsa and review and brush up on how to party dance.

Our Monday night Ballroom group class has started a short series on the Salsa basics, tonight’s assignment was the Right Side Pass to the Neck Wrap. Once the general idea was accomplished we tried it with some slow tempo Latin music.  Since we will be at this topic for 3 weeks I was able to demonstrate was I wanted the finished look to be, showing the students the arm styling, the leads and some cool variations.  If you would like to jump in, next week would be superb, however, waiting to the last class will only confuse you – it is recommended that you join in as soon as possible. 

We have a First Friday Dance Party coming up this week, so, I wanted to go over some party activities such as the Conga Line and the Foxtrot Mixer.  I had Robert Vee lead the Conga Line and after we got the idea then we tackled the ‘Tunnel’ and the ‘Reverse’ – and all that went very well, we had lots of laughs.  The Foxtrot Mixer was next and that too was in pretty good shape.  As corny as these party dances may seem they are still a lot of fun.  Remember we have a party this Friday – starts at 7:00 with a $5 admission.

Salsa! That is one that I want to learn!

Get with it – click on the pic below and get started.