Monday Evening Ballroom Class Learns A New Fancy Christmas Waltz Pattern (group class Nov 26 2018)

The Christmas Waltz Project Class began promptly at 7:00 and we started with learning the Syncopated Chasse, an important Waltz timing.  After we got the handle on the basics of the Syncopated timing we advanced the pattern by adding an Left Cross Turn and then I introduced the Open Left Box with Roll Turn to an Outside Check picture pose.  These 2 patterns with connected make a very nice looking Christmas Waltz sequence. 

As usual, the first time that we try something like this fancy new step I plan to keep it going for 3 weeks which takes us up to the Christmas Waltz Finale on Friday December 21st.  The Project is going well and we have made considerable progress with our Waltz skills.

  Learn how to dance the Waltz before Christmas – click on the pic below to find our more.