Monday Evening Ballroom Class Continues With Posture Project Awareness

Every Monday evening at 7 we hold a Ballroom Dance group class at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach and during this class we went over how to move from a Foxtrot Basic to Promenade and the advanced students added a pivot. 

 We continued our Posture Project studies.  I reminded the class that posture doesn’t begin and end in dance class, that good posture is something that you carry with you all day long by making it a habit, to become ‘posture aware’.  Every week we look at a different aspect of posture, last week it was the Goose-neck, this week we moved to the upper torso by rounding and straightening the back.

Every hear of the ‘Cape Walk’? This group class learned how to use it to not only improve their posture but to also increase their confidence.

We wrapped up the class with the Disco Hustle and how to do the ladies underarm turns. 

YES! I want to know more about how to improve my posture through Ballroom Dancing – Click on the pic below to learn how.