Monday Ballroom Group – The Foxtrot Corkscrew and the Rumba 5th Position Breaks

The Carolina Dance Partners Monday Ballroom Group introduced 2 new figures – The Foxtrot Corkscrew and the Rumba 5th Position Breaks. 

We had another sizable class again tonight with a lot of new dancers showing up for the group. We talked about the history of Fred Astaire and that one of his classic moves was the ‘Corkscrew’ or the ‘Promenade Walk Around’.  I demonstrated the footwork and then we shaped the Topline like Fred would have done – we ended up with a nice pattern that you would have seen in many of his films.  We reviewed the Rumba 5th Position Breaks, really focusing on the finish and the arm styling – nice job dancers. 

Remember that we have a First Friday Dance Party on June 1st – the fun begins at 7:00.

I would like to learn some great Foxtrot too!  Just click on the picture below and all will be revealed.