Monday Ballroom group class had a lot of fun with the Foxtrot, the Country 2 Step and the Waltz. 

The Carolina Dance Partners regular 7 o’clock Ballroom class at the 1st Presbyterian Church took the time to study the Foxtrot Forward and Backward Basics connecting that to the Promenade then adding an underarm turn.  We danced to a great big band tune called ‘Blue Skies’ for the Foxtrot and for the Country 2 step I played ‘Adelida’ by George Strait.  About half way through the session we changed the subject to the Waltz box. 

I reminded the group class about how important their posture is in how the appear and how it makes them look, feel and dance stronger.  I told them about the ‘Internal Girdle’ and how that can make a big difference in accomplishing better posture.  Foxtrot and Waltz are 2 great dances to achieve this. 

Absolutely I would love to have better posture – sign me up! – just click on the pic below and all will be revealed.