Monday Ballroom Class learns how to Lindy, Tango Waltz – 7 Jan 19

Our Monday Ballroom Group Class worked on the East Coast Swing Lindy Basic and the Tango Rock Changes.  After a quick warm up this group class tried their hand at the Lindy basic and it turned out very nicely with everyone completing the assignment. I introduced a few approved variations on the Lindy such as the Continuous Lindy, the Alternating Lindy and Lindy with Ladies Underarm Turn.  The second half of the group focused on the Tango Basic to the Rock Changes – 2 patterns that you will find in the National Dance Council manual.  Finally we reviewed one of our nice Waltz patterns called the Promenade Hesitation.

Thank you for attending the Monday Ballroom Group Class.

YES! I want to learn how to dance the Tango!

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