We always have a practice party on the 1st Friday of the month.  Our members arrive at 7:00, put on their dance shoes and have 2 solid hours of dancing.  Here at the party you get to try out the dance steps that you have learned, meet new people and make new friends and spending an evening with your favorite hobby.  The members party is great for the new members to get started and for the club to announce events for the upcoming month.  You are encouraged to bring a snack for the community table, you know, Fruit trays, cookies, cheese, fussy little sandwiches, veggies, chips and dips…etc.  The club provides sodas and juice, cups, napkins, paper plates, tableware.

 We have 2 clubs that you can join – the ‘Couples Club’ has ballroom dance classes every Friday at 7 and the Singles Swing Dance Groups are currently Fridays at 8.

  What a Deal! Membership is only $30 per person per month and that covers your club dance lessons for the month and a couple of activities.  Carolina Dance Partners will collect your monthly members dues during the dance party