Mambo, Waltz and Tango Studies for Monday JB Floyd Ballroom Class

Monday’s JB Floyd Ballroom Dance Class started off with the Latin dance, the Mambo, then some functional ballroom basics and finishing with some fancy Tango figures. 

This group tends to draw some very talented dancers and I decided to study the Mambo Half Moon, an advanced Crossover pattern requiring considerable lead and follow skills.  About halfway through the session I took about 10 minutes to review and refine the Reverse and Natural Turns in the Waltz Style, emphasizing proper foot placement. To finish the class we learned 2 Advanced Bronze and Silver Tango steps – the Rock Changes from the National Dance Council manual. Also, from the NDC curriculum we looked at the Tango Promenade linking that to ‘Tango Lines’. Tango Lines begins with an ‘X’ line to a running step and outside check to a back Tango Close and a Brush Tap.  See what you missed! 

As always I will stay with the subject for a few weeks just to make sure that my students really ‘Own’ the patterns and techniques. Remember our goal is to become a better Tango Dancer and Carolina Dance Partners will be studying Tango until Valentines Day.

YES! I want to learn how to dance the TANGO!

Just click on the pic below and let’s get started