Learn How To Waltz & Salsa At The Monday Evening Ballroom Group Classes

Tonight’s Ballroom Dance Class at the 1st Presbyterian Church featured the Silver Waltz Open Right Basic and some cool Jazz and Salsa Arm Styling. 

This group class has been going on for years and we are reaching some impressive advanced levels of ballroom dancing – this evening was no exception as we learned or reviewed the Silver Waltz.  This is a popular figure with some intricate actions and we broke it down from the twinkle all the way to the box finish.  Since I had a lot of singles in this group class I made sure that we changed partners frequently – this is how you meet new people and make new friends.  We tried it with a variety of partners to a classic waltz tune ‘Moon River’ by Andy Williams. 

That was the technical portion of the class – the end of the group is meant to be a little easier and we looked at 3 arm positions that we can apply to any of our Salsa dancing. We started by practicing these 3 arm positions and then we added the salsa progressive, coordinating the arms and feet and soon we were having a blast dancing the salsa and the cha cha cha to the music. 

As usual once we start a subject we continue with it for at least 3 weeks and so anyone who attends the next 2 Monday ballroom dance classes with learn Silver Waltz and better salsa arm styling.

We always have a productive classes and you will learn a lot at any Carolina Dance Partners groups. 

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