Jitterbug and Country 2 Step – Swing Dance for Singles Getting Ready for Night Out On The Town

Are you single? Would you like to learn how to Swing Dance?  Single Dance for Singles happens every Monday evening 8:00 at the 1st Presbyterian Church. Its a great way to meet other singles. get some light exercise and pick up an exciting skill.

The first part of the group class is a warm up where we change partners, you will get a chance to meet the other singles in our group, next, we reviewed or learned a very cool step called the Toe-Heel-Swivels. We broke it down to its parts, tried it with other dancers and then danced it to a ‘New Sensation’ by INXS.  Next we danced the Jitterbug to ‘Rock this joint’ by Bill Haley and his Comets.  We have plans to go to a country and western night club in the near future so the next subject was the 2-Step where we learned a Spot Turn to a couple of George Strait tunes. 

We learn how to swing and night club dance and then at least once a month we go out to a local bar or club for dancing – you will want to know more – just click on the pic below and get connected.