JB Floyd Wednesday Ballroom Features Mambo, Foxtrot, Waltz and Rumba – 5 Dec 18

There is noon Ballroom Dancing at the JB Floyd Community Center every Wednesday and today we started with Mambo, then Foxtrot, moving into some Christmas Waltz and wrapping it up with Rumba. 

We warmed up with the Mambo, working on the Cross Overs with variations like the Half Moon.  Foxtrot focused on the forward and backward basics with transitions to the Promenade.  A couple of new Christmas Waltz figures included the Running Step to Box and the Lilt.  For the Rumba we concentrated on the Side Break and its variations, such as the Turning Side Break, the Side Break with Waterfall and the Progressive Side Break.  This group has a few talented attendees making it an interesting session. 

WOW! I would love to learn how to Ballroom Dance.  Just click on the pic below and find out more.