JB Floyd Monday Ballroom Class Learns How To Dance The Argentine Tango & Salsa

Our Monday Ballroom Group Class convened today after a Hurricane Florence hiatus.  We have this ballroom group every Monday at 11 am at the J.B. Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach, and today we got into Argentine Tango PLUS Salsa arm styling. 

Starting at the beginning with the basic we moved into the Forward Ochos and the Ganchos, 2 famous Argentine Tango actions. Once we had practiced the dance to the music it was time to study the salsa jazz arm styling.  First we went over the classic ballet arm positions and then we tried it out with a salsa progressive.  A fine class featuring two very cool dances.

I would love to learn how to Salsa!

What are we waiting for – Click on the pic below and let’s get started