JB Floyd Ballroom Learns How To Dance The Salsa & The Argentine Tango

Our Monday Ballroom group class at the JB Floyd Community Center has been focused on Argentine Tango and the Salsa lately. 

We meet every Monday 11 am in the multipurpose room at the community center, which is in my opinion, the best facility on the Grand Strand.  We have a very nice large wooden floor, a wall full of mirrors,  great sound and A/C systems, friendly staff and lots of parking.  Ya can’t beat it.  This is where the serious dancing gets done.  Like, Argentine Tango. 

For this session we went back to the basic and worked on the lead and follow and refined the gancho’s.  Next we began a series on the Salsa, mostly the Rumba Son and the Mambo Cross Over Breaks with Ladies Turn and the Side Breaks.  I was pleased with the progress that we are making with both subjects. 

This class is $10 per student and $15 per couple, we start at 11 sharp and dance for the entire hour – no messin’ around with this talented group of dancers. 

WOW! Salsa! I’ve always wanted to learn that! 

Its Easy – just click on the pic below and get the answers.