Friday Night ‘Royal Wedding’ Group Class

You should have been at the Carolina Dance Partners Friday Night ‘Royal Wedding’ Group Class!

  Of course, everybody has heard that Prince Harry and Princess Meagen tied the knot, got hitched, jumped the broomstick and in honor of the royal wedding we held our own Carolina Dance Partners Wedding group class consisting of Waltz, slow dancing and a lively swing.  We started out with some Hustle basic, then on to the slow dance ‘Businessman’s 1 step’ where we added some promenade walks and a nice underarm turn for the my lady.  We returned to the swing to add just a little more dash and wrapped up the group class with some Waltz basics, learning important details about the frame, carriage and lead and follow.

  We have a ‘Drop In’ Date Night Dancing Group Class 7 sharp every Friday evening, designed for you to pick up some easy fun patterns quickly that you can use that very night – and this one was a sure winner!

  YES! I want to learn how to Ballroom Dance!  Just click on the picture below and be instantly connected.