Friday night is Date Night and we have a group class just for YOU. 

During the Date Night Group Class at the 1st Presbyterian Church we learn dancing that we can use that very night. Also, you are encouraged to make this class part of your Friday night rituals –

kick off your evening learning how to ballroom dance, then go out after class for a movie or ice cream. 

This Date Night Ballroom Dance class for this evening featured the Rumba, a great dance to know for night clubs, cruises and weddings.  Tonight we took a look a the Open Cuban Walk and a review of  an Arthur Murray pattern called ‘The Wheel’. 

During this upcoming week we are going out on the town for a party and we will need to sharpen up our Jitterbug, so, half of this class was learning the basics of the swing -underarm turns, 4 kicks and the LIndy. 

WOW! I would love to learn how to do the Rumba and the Jitterbug –

Its easy – just click on the pic below and we will show you how to get started.