Friday Night Date Group Class – Waltzing is like dancing a dream come true

Friday night is Date Night.

  Every Friday at 7:00 Carolina Dance Partners has a ballroom group class at the 1st Presbyterian Church, 3810 Grissom Pkwy in Myrtle Beach.  The Presbyterian Church wants to provide healthy outlets with various activities such as ballroom dance.  Friday Date Night has been going on for over 5 years now and the intention is to give our couples and singles a nice night out, come to class, study a little ballroom dancing, and then go out for a movie or dinner…..sounds like fun huh?

  Last night our dancing friends learned some new patterns and techniques in the Waltz – Waltzing is like dancing a dream come true – ‘it feels like you are floating on air’, as one of the dancers described it.  Our assignments for this particular group class was the Fallaway Grapevine, an advanced Silver movement, and, different forms of the Forward and the Backward Progressives. 

One couple had a major method breakthrough in their lead and follow and another couple just had fun being together – all good in my book. 

The Waltz is something I have always wanted to do! 

Just click on the pic below and lets get started!