Friday Date Night Ballroom Group Learns Fancy Tango, Swings – 28 Dec 18

Friday Ballroom Date Night is going to even get better – we have some great activities planned until Valentines Day that you will want to be involved in – more later. 

Tonight we started out group class at 7 sharp (as always) by introducing a sensational new Tango pattern called the ‘Shadow Rocks’.  Like I have done in the past, I will stay with a new step for 3 weeks to make sure that you ‘own’ it – so tonight was just the beginning, in the upcoming weeks we will perfect the step through repetition. You know what they say ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing’, so, after our Tango studies we went into the East Coast Swing basics, discussing the lead and follow for wrap in’s and the 4 kicks. 

Once the group class was finished we got out our calendars to schedule some ValenTango events which I will release in an upcoming Grand Strand Dance Dossier – the official newsletter for Carolina Dance Partners.

Tango?! Did you say Tango? I would love to learn how to dance the Tango!

You can by merely clicking on the pic below.