Friday Date Night Ballroom Dance Buffet

Last Friday the Carolina Dance Partners Ballroom Date Night Group Class turned into a dance buffet. 


We have a regular ballroom dance group on Friday’s and this time we tried a little of everything – first, some Foxtrot, then the Rumba, next some Tango and finally a bit of Swing. I focused on the social dance curriculum that you would get if you went to a major chain studio like a Fred Astaire Studio or an Arthur Murray Dance Center.

To cover our big band dancing we started with the Foxtrot basics before moving on to the Rumba.  We began by reviewing the Rumba box and underarm turn and added the forward progressive.  Same with the Tango, review the basics and then we learned the open break to a Tango Right Side Pass.  The Swing was a fun wrap up to the group class.  ‘Date Night’ is a great class for anyone that wants quick, fun and easy ballroom dance instruction. 

Remember this coming Friday, June 1st is party night – we kick it off at 7 – come on by for our regular 1st Friday Ballroom Dance Party. 

YES! I want to know more about Date Night Ballroom Dancing.  Click on the picture below for more info.