Exciting New SWINGLES Project

Carolina Dance Partners introduced an Exciting New SWINGLES Project – McTaggarts Swingles.

Swingles meets every Monday at 8 for an hour of swing dance studies.  We started the session with a triple time swing warm up where our club members change partners so everyone gets introduced to each other.  The Toe-Heel-Swivel was our review for tonight and will eventually be a pattern to add to McTaggarts Swingles.  This week we added a real cool move to the swing sets called the Handshake to augment our other calls the Double Underarm, the He Goes She Goes Combination and the 4 kicks. 

Little by little and step by step we are developing our group dancing.  We will be scheduling another outing in the next few weeks – stayed tuned. 

YES! Swingles sounds like a lot of fun and I want to join – click on the pic below to find out more about SWINGLES.