Dec 3rd Monday 11 am Ballroom – Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Disco & Mambo

Every Monday at 11 am Carolina Dance Partners has a Ballroom Group Class at the JB Floyd Community Center in North Myrtle Beach and for this class we did a showy Christmas Waltz figure, a Disco warm-up, a new step in Tango and a Rumba review, followed by a Christmas Party Mambo preview. 

Our Christmas Waltz Project is wrapping up in a few weeks with a dance party on Friday Dec 21st and that will feature all of the Waltz patterns that we have studied since Halloween.  Today we add the Alternating Underarm Turns, a very flowing Waltz action.  Working on our lead and follow skills we practiced with our Disco Hustle switching off leading and then following – this group has a few good dancers who are capable of both sides.  My Monday class has an interest in Tango so today we went over a showtime promenade move called ‘Gypsy Eyes’ and then we switched it up by dancing the Rumba, reviewing the progressive.  Finally the class was treated to a preview of Debbie’s Mambo routine that is schedule for this upcoming Friday Date Night Dance Party.  A non-stop dance class with loads of techniques and challenges.

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