Date Night Friday 1st Presbyterian Church Group Learns How To Rumba & Jitterbug

Carolina Dance Partners hosts a 7:00 Date Night Ballroom Group Class every Friday at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach.  Its fun and easy. 

We learned a new Rumba step called the Snap Underarm Turn and then we polished up our Jitterbug with some improvements on our Backspot Turns and then finished up the group class with more posture tips.

  I learned the Snap Underarm Turn at the Fred Astaire Studios and its a great looking move that was simple enough for the new student to accomplish and the advanced couples were able to add some nice styling. We will be involved with some more Rumba patterns in the coming 3 weeks, as usual, once I begin a subject we work at ‘owning’ the assignment.

  I am planning a outing for my swing dancers and in this case they will need to sharpen up their Jitterbug.  Lately we have been studying the Backspot Turn, as we use it in any swing style, and tonight we started to learn this subject and will continue for the next couple of weeks until our swing dance event.

We reviewed all of our Perfect Posture ideas and added a few new ideas tonight – I feel taller already!

I feel like I am missing out! I want to learn how to Rumba and Jitterbug before its too late!  Don’t panic – just click on the pic below….and breathe in….now breathe out…