Here is your Carolina Dance Partners Ballroom Couples Update –

Carolina Dance Partners introduced some new subjects, Waltz and Rumba in group classes this week.  Once we start a series we will go for at least 3 weeks so that you can really grasp the steps.  Today we began the Forward and Backwards Basics in the Waltz, and it looked like the group class was getting the idea, however, we will study it again next Monday night, just to make sure that we ‘own’ the patterns. 

Its always nice to have something in smooth, like Waltz. and something else in Latin, so, we are adding a new figure to our Rumba – the rock turn – its kind of a pivot. This is a great step that turns left and can be used as a ‘finisher’ to many basic sequences. 

Then, all of our couples learned some fun new Charleston moves – its always a good time when we Charleston.

Carolina Dance Partners offers a variety of group classes and different locations around the Grand Strand, so, if you want to know more about our Dancing Couples Club, Swingles Club, or drop in dance classes then you are encouraged to fill out the form below and we will gladly present the information.