As you learn how to ballroom or swing dance you will want to know the techniques for lead and follow.  We can’t cover them all right now, but, here is a quick tip for you to try.

Picture in your imagination a dancing couple, notice how they connect with their dance position.  We all have seen those Hollywood dance movies and just by visualization you can have a good start on creating a strong dance frame.

First things first, building on that good frame begins with the most obvious of details – your posture – make sure that you are square to your dance partner – men, the lady needs to have confidence in you, so stand tall.

Carolina Dance Partners would love to work with you on your partnership dancing and that includes better lead and follow – we are expert on the subject and we will teach you all the important secrets of ballroom dance, but, you gotta show up for the dance lesson for us to succeed.  The first, most important step, is the one you take by walking in to the dance room – after that we will show you exactly how you can become an impressive ballroom dancer.  Click on the link below to get started. Thanks. 

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