Ballroom dance class focuses on Big Band Foxtrot and Rumba

Our Carolina Dance Partners Monday Ballroom dance class focused on Big Band Foxtrot basics and Rumba 5th position breaks. 

My dance students raved about the Ballroom Dance Preservation Society’s Big Band Tea Dance that was held at the Officers Club on Sunday. They loved the production of the activity and the quality of the music.

Perfect – that is just what we were planing for – if you read these blogs regularly you will notice that my dance class has been rehearsing for these type of events, to get my dancers prepared for great dancing at a great event, and we succeeded! 

More Star Duster Big Band parties are in our future and for tonight’s group class we discussed the Irene and Vernon Castle Story, a dancing couple from the past that created the genesis of what we now know as ‘social dancing’.  In the beginning was the Foxtrot ….and we went right back to the basics to study the proper footwork and how to perform the Fred Astaire Sway – essentials for fabulous Foxtroting. 

There were questions concerning the concept of ‘line of dance’ and that information was addressed and practiced  in this group class. (‘Line of Dance’ is dance traffic flow).

  We started a Rumba series a few weeks ago and so we covered the subject of the 5th position breaks, really concentrating on how the step finishes.  All in all a productive class. 

Thank you my students – I am very proud of you – there was so many compliments about how you conducted yourselves at the Tea Dance – your dance standards are greatly improving. 

How can I be a better social ballroom dancer?  Start by clicking on the picture below.