1st Presbyterian Church Monday Ballroom Group Class Wraps up Foxtrot Studies and learns about the HERO’S Posture

This evening the 1st Presbyterian Church Monday Ballroom Group Class Wrapped up our Foxtrot Studies with the final patterns using the Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick timing.  The past few weeks we took a definitive look at all of the possible combinations of the Bronze Foxtrot basics and tonight we put a bow on it by learning our final steps – the Right Rock Turn and the Astaire Sway.

This was a very informative study about how Foxtrot movement is applied – I am very proud of my class as they successfully tackled 3 weeks on this subject, learning some valuable techniques.  Tonight I went back to the beginning and reviewed the proper footwork on this dance by breaking down just the forward and backward walks. From there we learned the Right Rock Turn creating a beautiful pivot action with it. Next, we got fancy with the Fred Astaire Sway, again another figure using the Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick signature.

That concludes our Bronze Foxtrot basic timing series – congratulations to my dancers – you showed me some excellent progress.

  About half way through the class we changed subjects to the Swing Sugar Push – a cool and easy East Coast Swing move that we quickly mastered.

I finished the class with more instruction on our Perfect Posture Project by demonstrating Posture Body Blocks with a focus on the hips and how the Heroic Posture works by teaching a method actors technique called the ‘Errol Flynn’.  You had to be there to appreciate it.

I would love to learn how to be a good Ballroom Dancer –

You can – Click on the pic below to get started