1st Presbyterian Ballroom Group Class has been going on for years, Learn how to Rumba and Jitterbug

Join us at the 1st Presbyterian Church, 3810 Grissom Pkwy, in Myrtle Beach for our ongoing Ballroom Dance Group Class.  We have been meeting for this class for years and you can join at anytime. 

I like to start a subject and continue for a few weeks until we are confident with the pattern, and, this week we have begun a very cool looking Rumba figure call ‘The Wheel’ – trust me – no one else in this town knows this one, and, you will really stand out as you accomplish this very unique step.  This week was an introduction to The Wheel from the Arthur Murray Bronze, this pattern is a variation on the Open Cuban Walk.  We generally broke it down, learning the positions first, next the timing and musical measures, and then concentrating on the Cross Body Lead, in itself and very valuable pattern to know.  Now that we have the parts, in the next couple of weeks we will perfect the move from the beginning to the finish.

  About half way through the class I changed subjects to the Jitterbug – I have planned a dance outing and you will fit in have more fun at the party and once you have learned how to really  Jitterbug.  Tonight I wanted add or refine the swing dancing that this group could already do.  Nice job! You have the basic idea and now we will create better Jitterbug actions.

What! You are going out dancing?!

I want to learn how to Jitterbug and Rumba so I can go to the Party – Teach me how! NOW!

Don’t panic – just click on the pic below and you can find out more.