The Swing for Singles Group Class gets ready for a night out dancing with the Jitterbug and the Businessman’s One Step. 

We have an event scheduled for this weekend and our dancer needed to brush up on their Rumbas and Swings, so , tonight our 8:00 Presbyterian Church group went over the Jitterbug.  A great way to learn patterns and meet other partners is with our ‘Swing Sets’ – this time to Jitterbug patterns like to  Ladies Double and the Man’s Neck Wrap.  This time we had four teams and we rehearsed our Swing Set getting it polished up for a weekend demo. It looked great and I can’t wait to show the other swing dancer what we can do! 

There will be some slow dancing so we reviewed the Businessman’s One Step with Promenade Walk and Underarm Turns.

I heard that you are going out Dancing – I wanna go to –

Learn how to dance just click on the pic below and lets get started.